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What it’s Like Working at Circle Studio

Hello! If you’re here, it seems like you were wondering what it’s like to work with us! Without further ado, let’s start shall we?

Application process

First off you’ll have to go through a standardized art test to measure your art skills and technical application after a formal interview. Once you’ve passed that you’ll be good to go!

Working Remotely

Whether you work in Malaysia or work remotely, Circle Studio will always have a space for you! Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our office has completely adapted to working remotely through Gather, which has enabled us to easily interact and work with our current and future employees!

Working in the Office

Circle Studio is located in the heart of Kota Damansara, car, Grab and if you’re traveling by public transport, the office is easily accessible via the MRT, just stop at Surian station and take a beam or 10 minute walk to the office!

If you’re wondering what is there to do around the office, where to stay and amenities to get you adjusted to Kota Damansara check out our blog on ‘What’s in Circle’s Neighbourhood!

Setting up your own space

Now that you’ve settled into the office, you’ll be given a desk to sit with the small group of peers you will mostly be working with for projects! Get to know each other, have some morning coffee with your new friends and kick start your life here with us at Circle Studio!

Tasks, Projects, and General Meetings!

As with any career, you will be assigned your tasks by a senior and for the first few weeks you might be fumbling with your tasks and struggling to get accustomed and acquainted with our company, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help if you need it!

For artists participating in projects, every Friday, each artist in their groups will report to their team leader on Google Chat on the progress and tasks they have finished for the week, where later their tasks for the next week will be discussed over a group call or group meeting.

As for General Meetings we will hold a GM on the first week of each new month and have a workshop on the first or second Friday of the new month! Our workshops are focused on giving short motivational talks that will help with productivity, mindset and growth as an employee on top of giving employees a chance to work on their presenting skills should they have any information or ideas they would like to share.

Team Building, Holidays, Celebrations and More!

Being a part of a multiracial and multi religion country, we celebrate artists and staff from all walks of life! We hold regular celebrations for holidays with our staff to build team spirit and closeness amongst the staff and celebrate each other’s cultures and birthdays!

Coming into the new office, welcoming old staff, new staff and our students for Circle Academy, we will be meeting new faces ever so often and will require more than a few ice breaking sessions to get the team up and running! 

So be prepared to join us on internal bi-weekly team building sessions in and out of the office at the end of the week! On that note, Circle has also been preparing events and activities for the staff on a quarterly basis or after a project is finished to further build the staff as a team!

What are you waiting for?

The world is your oyster! That being said, let us be your stepping stone to success in the animation industry. Send over your portfolio in PDF and/or in Demo-Reel Format Mp4!

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