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Uninterested Unicorns Gameverse

What happens when the mystical unicorns we’ve come to know and love for being cute and magical ventures out of that reality? Uninterested Unicorns U_U by Nex10 Labs is building just that! What started off as a venture into the world of NFTs and Metaverse with a unique story has had overwhelming success which led to creation of Uninterested Unicorns U_U newest Blockchain game. U_U incorporates the popular Tower Defense genre, a fast-paced enjoyable gameplay while building on the social experience of collecting Unicorns to be used in various other game modes to be developed in the future! Circle Studio is proud to announce our collaboration with NEX10 Labs in creating their promotional trailer for Uninterested Unicorns Gameverse, showcasing the awesome destructive powers of Uninterested Unicorns in their battles!


Game Cinematic


NEX10 Labs


Animation, Level Design, Lighting, VFX & Rendering