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Ecoworld | At10tion Campaign

Design support from CIRCLE Creative for the AT10TION campaign EcoWorld led to great reception from the market and with that success CIRCLE Animation jumps into the picture with a charming 3D animation to make the Perfect 10 campaign perfect for video too. The quaint tone and feel of the production fits well into the message that depicts an obsessively orderly guy in his morning routine who strives for perfection in every small aspect of his life, before finding it in Perfect 10 by Eco Ardence. To capture the caricature of such orderly behavior, the production was stylized with semi-matte character texture and strong vivid colors against a backdrop of pastel for an offbeat mood, accompanied by a symphonic track to drive home the video’s sense of satire. With a unique spin on the ubiquitous .99 charm pricing, the campaign focuses on the perfectly rounded 10 instead—from 10% discounts to RM10,000 cash vouchers or holiday packages to RM1,000 deposits for home ownership.






Full Production