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Distance Love

When two people share true love, the universe conspires to bring them together. In the case of Xiong and Nie, their love of food helped them overcome the challenges of their long-distance relationship and bridged the distance of Kuala Lumpur and New York to bring them back together. Distance Love was written and produced based on a true story from Xiong and Nie, a couple who wanted a unique and memorable representation of their relationship as their wedding video. The animated short film captures the dreamlike glow of their young romance in an action adventure ride where the main characters are helped by their favorite foods to brave the obstacles in their way back to each other. Inspiring and hopeful from start to finish, Xiong and Nie set off on a topsy-turvy journey and are led past dark adversaries into heartwarming scenes that highlight their best moments together and finally into a magical happily ever after.




Xiong & Nie


Animated Short Film