Type: Experiential

Stellar World
Projection Mapping, Art Installation

Lightbox | Between The City & Stars

In late 2017, CIRCLE Creative was approached to be part of an interactive media art gallery design in Sungai Buloh that spanned about 16,000 sq-ft. It was an ambition to turn the given space into a massive Instagram-friendly playground. Between City & Star is the result of Stellar World dreaming up art for the senses based on the play of lights expressed through a variety of installations and CIRCLE came aboard the project to help make these installations come to life. Through envisioning bright ideas into practical and tangible art pieces that transformed spaces into experiences, it was all eventually realised as Lightbox, an exhibition of fantastical light shows, projection mappings, dizzying infinite tunnel illusions and light simulations of abstract forms among other exciting portrayals of light for dazzling encounters with art that aren’t passive but can be shared with friends and family.