Type: Branding

Branding, Logo, Visual Identity

Eco Ardence | At10tion Campaign

What does a perfect deal look like? That was the idea that became the driving force behind the At10tion campaign for Eco Ardence from EcoWorld. CIRCLE Creative was brought on board to offer the developer an extra spark of creativity by brainstorming on the campaign name, providing its masthead design, and crafting a series of communication materials upon the “Perfect 10” concept. That concept became the campaign’s eye-catching motif, employed in clever ways to emphasize the number 10 as perfection across its visuals, promotions and various marketing channels. That concept was made even richer by framing it within a sense of tranquil and harmonious living as the perfect holiday season. The result was a campaign that clearly defined the premium positioning of Eco Ardence, while still differentiating it from other premium developments.