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KLIMS 2018 Exhibition Experience VR & QR

Recently, the HTC VR Headset has been all the hype, with its incredible ability to bring you through immersive experiences. Virtual Reality, a concept many know of but may not have experienced, was a goal that our client hoped to provide to audiences to introduce new features and functions for their latest vehicle, Proton X70.

With this, our team worked together to create a realistic environment of Kuala Lumpur, while highlighting the features of Proton X70 in VR! We were determined to test our new format of entertainment as well as carrying out our motto, using technology to enhance the creative experience in exhibitions.

Virtual Mobile Prize Redemption

Long gone were the days when we used to have stamps at every checkpoint of a station at exhibition to redeem prizes. Now, finishing checkpoints at stations have never been any easier! 

Introducing Proton QR, a digital alternative to stamp and paper, customers can now scan QR codes at a booth, complete our surveys online and redeem a prize at the end of their quest! Exhibitions have never been more seamless and convenient for both our client and the audience!