November 10, 2017

Umbrella shaped white lights hang in the midst of twinkling lights falling like rain while enormous projections of bokeh light shows create an impressive backdrop for shadow play and LED light swings in neon colours invite adults and children alike to play. This spectacular show of lights, colour and technology is CIRCLE studio’s first-ever immersive installation – a collaboration between international and local artists, Pak Chun Construction and Stellar World.

The project ‘Between the City and Stars’ was launched in November 25 th 2017 in conjunction with the launching of Lightbox, Sungai Buloh - a creative hub that encourages the exploration of its township through the imagination of artists. Lightbox was build by Pak Chun Construction & Stellar World and seeks to brand itself as a space that welcomes and supports artists and designers to show off their works and thought processes in innovative ways to the public. 

CIRCLE Studio was invited to design and construct two rooms of immersive installations that would bring together the urban environment with a uniquely artistic experience. This included a virtual space filled with a spectacular light show similar to the famous Aurora Borelis that flowed through the gallery wall onto the floor and around the feet of the viewer. The installations were crowded with all ages wandering around in awe and brought public awareness to Lightbox, helping to establish it as a must-see destination.